Dr Smith Health

About Us

Dr Smith founded in 2006, a certified and the largest natural health supplement manufacturer in New Zealand. Dr Smith only use premium and fresh ingredients from New Zealand’s pristine natural resources to ensure that it only gives an all-natural and purest health supplements. The firm employs certified scientists and medical professionals to preserve the top quality of Dr Smith health supplements, a product of year’s research and development and product testing. Its state of the art manufacturing process enables us to produce and sell its high quality health supplements and competitive prices.

In 2010, Dr Smith started manufacturing a prestige skin care products from France. Its broad range of skin care products addresses various skin care needs for women and men. These products include creams, cleansers, toners and masks that developed to suits for all skin types.

Dr Smith established its operation in Hong Kong targeting mainly the expatriate community. Since launch, we received warm welcome and encouraging results as we address the needs of the community for high quality and reasonable priced natural health and skin care products.